Close your eyes. Make a wish...

Name's Emily, 19, from England.
I'm studying English and creative writing at university right now :)
I'm too shy to talk to people so I just silently hope people will talk to me.

I like to talk most over skype so anyone who wants to talk just ask for my skype :)

Feel free to drop me any kind of message too! I'm always happy to talk to people :)

*gets absolutely nothing done* well time for a break

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fun fact

  • yelling at someone when they’re crying? funnily enough, that’s probably not going to make them stop. neither is insulting them. especially if the insult has to do with the fact that they’re crying. those are the things that are probably going to make them want to cry more. and feel worse. wow! that’s fun

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"we have to shut off the internet in order to fix it"


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i wish i had friends i could just call up at like 2am and be like “lets chill or go for a walk” and they would do it

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